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This is one of the few unisex/male patterns from Ysolda and I knew when I first saw it, I’d knit it for my husband. I made it for him for our two year wedding anniversary. I’m not currently able to work, so I feel guilty spending what is “his” hard-earned money on a gift for him. So nothing else to do but knit =) It also helps that he is the MOST knit-worthy person ever. He cherishes everything I make for him!

I chose Lion Brand Amazing in a variegated gray and variegated green (green is his favorite color). I really like how it turned out. The green really pops and the gray is soft enough not to create harsh geometric lines. And it’s very cozy, too! I decided not to make the matching fingerless gloves but I have enough yarn leftover that I could probably pull it off if I had wanted to.

The pattern went quickly but definitely was unique enough to keep my interest the whole time. Overall a great, quick knit!

Cairn Hat


This is a really lovely, very easy shawl. I can see why it is so extremely popular on Ravelry. I did it almost completely from memory. It was a wonderful travel, movie-watching kind of knit…something easy to put down and pick up. And in the Malabrigo yarn, it is just yummy. It is soft, cuddly, and has a lovely drape. I can easily see why most people don’t stop at making just one. It is also a perfect project for a beginner knitter and something I will keep in my teaching arsenal.


Damson, folded flat

I have had this yarn for over a year, and this pattern has been #1 in my queue for even longer and I am FINALLY casting on today! I think my biggest anxiety, and the reason why I haven’t cast on before now, is the sizing. It jumps from 34″ bust to 38″ bust. Well good thing I’m currently a 36″. But then today, as I was agonizing and agonizing, I realized something. The ribbed button band is worked first and worked flat, therefore making it easy to determine it if will fit right or not. God, I am such a dumbass sometimes!! So here we go!

UPDATE: I started knitting the size 34″ and nope, it’s just not going to work. I mean, I think it would fit, theoretically, but I think it will just be too tight. And that it the WORST with a cardigan. No one needs the self-esteem killer of gapping, pulling buttons on the front of your body! Also, I want to be able to wear a tank or tee under it. So I re-cast-on (yep, that’s a word now) for the 38″ and am happily knitting along.

I finished knitting my Peaks Island Hood tonight and I love it. I need to sew in the ends, block, and sew on the buttons, and it will be complete. The wool is a little scratchy so I’m hoping it will soften after it’s washed. It’s pretty fantastic though and wonderfully warm. It has such a rustic feel but yet glamorous too…such a great contradiction for a knitted piece. It’s forecasted to be stormy this weekend and would be perfect for some finished shots!

Wow, I am flying through this. I finished my 28″ of seed stitch and am ready to start the hood. It’s turning out beautifully!

Peaks Island Hood

Peaks Island Hood

This is my second Ysolda project of the year. I cast on for it a couple days after I injured my knee doing the other thing I love to do, roller derby. I just found out that I actually fractured my right knee cap, so there will be lots of knitting in my future. I especially like this project because it has a seed stitch body. I absolutely love the look and feel of seed stitch but it’s such a monotonous stitch that I normally avoid projects that are mostly comprised of it. This, however, is perfect for right now since I’m on pain medication and am spending most of my time zoned out.

I am using a yarn that is new to me, Classic Elite Yarns’ Portland Tweed.

Portland Tweed

Portland Tweed

I found this on sale at a LYS and thought it’d be perfect for this project. I’m really liking the rustic feel of it and it’s knitting up quite beautifully in the seed stitch. Even though Ravelry lists it as an Aran weight, and the pattern calls for a Worsted weight, I had to go down two needles sizes, to an US 8. My gauge is still a tad larger (about 15 – 15.5 stitches per 4″ compared to the 16 stitches per 4″ that the pattern calls for) but I like the fabric and doubt the gauge will matter much since it is a scarf. I might need to make some adjustments for the hood but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

I FINALLY finished this scarf. The stockinette section and the bind off were a little tedious but it wasn’t too bad. It does roll quite a bit so it will need some good blocking. Since I am injured, it will have to wait until I gain some mobility. Finished photos to come soon!

I began the scroll lace scarf at the very beginning of the year. As mentioned previously, I LOVE the lace pattern. It’s beautiful, especially in this yarn, and it was easy enough to memorize but still fun to do. My troubles with this scarf began with the stockinette body.

The instructions said to pick up one stitch per each two rows, which is easy enough to do since you slipped a stitch along that edge. Oh and that you need to pick up 208 stitches. Well, with 28 repeats of the pattern, producing 7 picked up stitches per section, you only get 196 stitches. BUT if you do 30 repeats you get 210 stitches, and excluding the very first and very last slipped stitch you get 208. Wow, I was so proud to have figured that out. YEAH MATH!

Fast forward, I am THIS CLOSE to being done with the short rows in the stockinette section and it is very apparent that not only am I no where close to the ends of the scarf, but it’s completely asymmetrical. So I’m sitting here, pondering and pondering what the hell happened. I mean…my math is right. Then is dawns on me. I didn’t need to do any additional repeats because there were 12 live stitches on my needle from the lace section. *Face Palm*. In order to accommodate 208 stitches, I needed to switch to a much larger circular needle, and just left the live stitches on the other needle, completely forgetting they were there.

So, it looks like I’ll be ripping out that whole section today. Now would be a great time to own one of those RIP shot glasses.