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I have had this yarn for over a year, and this pattern has been #1 in my queue for even longer and I am FINALLY casting on today! I think my biggest anxiety, and the reason why I haven’t cast on before now, is the sizing. It jumps from 34″ bust to 38″ bust. Well good thing I’m currently a 36″. But then today, as I was agonizing and agonizing, I realized something. The ribbed button band is worked first and worked flat, therefore making it easy to determine it if will fit right or not. God, I am such a dumbass sometimes!! So here we go!

UPDATE: I started knitting the size 34″ and nope, it’s just not going to work. I mean, I think it would fit,┬átheoretically, but I think it will just be too tight. And that it the WORST with a cardigan. No one needs the self-esteem killer of gapping, pulling buttons on the front of your body! Also, I want to be able to wear a tank or tee under it.┬áSo I re-cast-on (yep, that’s a word now) for the 38″ and am happily knitting along.


The Bold and Bulky Cardigan is done!


I’m pretty happy with it. It turned out a bit smaller than I expected but I’m also a bit larger than usual due to my winter weight gain. I anticipate it fitting perfectly in a month or so but it is still completely wearable right now.

I also started the Buttoned Bag last night and have about 2 inches knit up on that. I’m knitting it in the round because I can’t bear to knit two flat rectangles which I have to seam together, so that is one major change I’m making. But overall, it seems to be going pretty quickly.

Now I just need to start on the Short Sleeve Cardigan and things will be all good.

This is the first garment I’m knitting up and so far it is going incredibly fast. I’m using Lion Brand Thick and Quick that I’m up-cycling from a frogged Twinkle’s garment. The main body will be a dusty pink with a charcoal gray border. I’ll post pictures once it’s finished.

Now I just need to decide on my first Romantic Style project and my next Fitted Knits one. I’m trying to stick with bulky or aran weight yarns since it’s freezing out and that’s always what I want to work with in winter.