This is my second Ysolda project of the year. I cast on for it a couple days after I injured my knee doing the other thing I love to do, roller derby. I just found out that I actually fractured my right knee cap, so there will be lots of knitting in my future. I especially like this project because it has a seed stitch body. I absolutely love the look and feel of seed stitch but it’s such a monotonous stitch that I normally avoid projects that are mostly comprised of it. This, however, is perfect for right now since I’m on pain medication and am spending most of my time zoned out.

I am using a yarn that is new to me, Classic Elite Yarns’ Portland Tweed.

Portland Tweed

Portland Tweed

I found this on sale at a LYS and thought it’d be perfect for this project. I’m really liking the rustic feel of it and it’s knitting up quite beautifully in the seed stitch. Even though Ravelry lists it as an Aran weight, and the pattern calls for a Worsted weight, I had to go down two needles sizes, to an US 8. My gauge is still a tad larger (about 15 – 15.5 stitches per 4″ compared to the 16 stitches per 4″ that the pattern calls for) but I like the fabric and doubt the gauge will matter much since it is a scarf. I might need to make some adjustments for the hood but I will cross that bridge when I get there.


I FINALLY finished this scarf. The stockinette section and the bind off were a little tedious but it wasn’t too bad. It does roll quite a bit so it will need some good blocking. Since I am injured, it will have to wait until I gain some mobility. Finished photos to come soon!

I have some very close friends that do the 48 Hour Film Fest every year and this year they made an amazing movie for it. It’s called Oh Drama and it’s a hip-hopera and it’s awesome. I highly suggest YouTube-ing it. They won best of city, so they are trying to raise money to go to the national competition in New Mexico. They are doing a live performance of Oh Drama and having a silent auction. I was approached by one of my besties and asked if I could knit something to be auctioned off…and if it could be the Human Centipede hat. Well, of course, I said YES!

Alexandra Tinsley created this hat as a password reminder for Club Fuckery, an off-shoot of Regretsy. She has been super gracious to provide the charts she made for free on her blog, Crafty as Fuck. But I would have to come up with the actual hat pattern myself. I also created a chart for the words White Poison (the name of the label the 48 hour film was made under) for the other side.

White Poison Centipede Hat

White Poison Centipede Hat

White Poison Centipede Hat

White Poison Centipede Hat


Here’s what I did to create this awesome hat:

Materials: Caron Simply Soft in Red, White, and Black and size 7 needles

Cast on 100 stitches in Black and place marker to begin knitting in the round. Knit for 1 1/2″ in 2×2 rib.

Change to Red. Switch to stockinette stitch and m1 every 10 sts on first round. 110 sts total

Knit 2 rounds in stockinette.

Begin charts working chart stitches in white.

Knit 3 rounds in stockinette.

Begin crown decreases: *Knit 9, k2tog* around.

Knit 2 rounds

*Knit 8, k2tog* around.

Knit 2 rounds

*Knit 7, k2tog* around

Knit 1 round

*Knit 6, k2tog* around

Knit 1 round

*Knit 5, k2tog* around

Switch to white and knit 1 round

Switch to black and *knit 4, k2tog* around

*Knit 3, k2tog* around

*Knit 2, k2tog* around

*Knit 1, k2tog* around

*k2tog* around twice

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts and secure.




I began the scroll lace scarf at the very beginning of the year. As mentioned previously, I LOVE the lace pattern. It’s beautiful, especially in this yarn, and it was easy enough to memorize but still fun to do. My troubles with this scarf began with the stockinette body.

The instructions said to pick up one stitch per each two rows, which is easy enough to do since you slipped a stitch along that edge. Oh and that you need to pick up 208 stitches. Well, with 28 repeats of the pattern, producing 7 picked up stitches per section, you only get 196 stitches. BUT if you do 30 repeats you get 210 stitches, and excluding the very first and very last slipped stitch you get 208. Wow, I was so proud to have figured that out. YEAH MATH!

Fast forward, I am THIS CLOSE to being done with the short rows in the stockinette section and it is very apparent that not only am I no where close to the ends of the scarf, but it’s completely asymmetrical. So I’m sitting here, pondering and pondering what the hell happened. I mean…my math is right. Then is dawns on me. I didn’t need to do any additional repeats because there were 12 live stitches on my needle from the lace section. *Face Palm*. In order to accommodate 208 stitches, I needed to switch to a much larger circular needle, and just left the live stitches on the other needle, completely forgetting they were there.

So, it looks like I’ll be ripping out that whole section today. Now would be a great time to own one of those RIP shot glasses.

I have a huge knitting crush on Ysolda. I just love all of her designs. So much so that I’m going to make a personal challenge of knitting 12 of her patterns in 2012 (see what I did there?). I made my first Ysolda project, the Gretel hat, in the fall of 2011 and I absolutely love it! I made it out of cheap yarn, Caron Simply Soft, and in my derby team’s color of cyan.

Gretel Hat

Gretel Hat

It’s a wonderful hat and the cables were enough to keep it interesting but not frustrating. I think I will have to make another in nice wool.

My first of the twelve projects for the year is the Scroll Lace Scarf. I’m making it out of Cascade 220 Sport. I’m pretty impressed with the yarn, it’s hardy but soft, and it’s showing the lace pattern wonderfully. Here’s a shot of lace section in progress:

Scroll Lace Scarf

Scroll Lace Scarf

I’ve finished all the lace repeats and am working on the stockinette portion of the main body. I loved the lace pattern. It was easy to memorize but fun to do. The stockinette portion is not much fun. It’s all short rows, which went quickly at first, but now I’ve picked up a lot of stitches and it’s starting to get tedious.

I’m hoping to finish in within the next few days and will post more pictures when it’s done!

It’s been awhile since I last wrote here. I’m happy to report that I’ve completed several large projects, two of which were from designers that I’ve never worked from before: Ann Weaver and Tiny Owl Knits! I especially enjoyed creating my Fawn Poncho and can’t wait to create more of her designs!

Fawn Poncho

Fawn Poncho


Here’s the Tiny Brocade Cardigan by Ann Weaver:

Tiny Brocade Cardigan

Tiny Brocade Cardigan


I’m also thrilled to announce that I FINALLY finished my Double Moss Stitch Jacket. That sucker sat for months and months without any work being done on it. It feels so good to have the project completed. And it fits beautifully.

Double Moss Stitch Jacket

Double Moss Stitch Jacket


I’ve also completed several small projects such as some mittens, fingerless gloves, etc. But the crowning achievement of my recent projects is a gift that I gave to one of my best friends, Steve Martin (not the comedian). It’s a knit Dalek and it’s amazing!



I’ve been wanting to make an afghan for a while now and even started some squares a couple of years ago but just couldn’t stick with it. So, when I found a KAL group on Ravelry that would commit to making at least one afghan square a month for 2011, I couldn’t resist. I bought several balls of KnitPicks Swish Worsted in colors to match our couch and cusions: Truffle, Camel Heather, and Spruce Heather. Although I fell behind because of the wedding, I plan on finishing this project. I’ve completed squares through the end of May. Here are photos of them.

Lizard Ridge Afghan Square

Lizard Ridge Afghan Square (Jan)

Linoleum Afghan Square

Linoleum Afghan Square (Feb)

Baby Blocks Afghan Square

Baby Blocks Afghan Square (March)

Cables and Lace Afghan Square

Cables and Lace Afghan Square (April)

Grandma's Favorite Afghan Square

Grandma's Favorite Afghan Square (April)

Twining Trees Afghan Square

Twining Trees Afghan Square (May)

Waffling Owls Afghan Square

Waffling Owls Afghan Square (May)

My wedding came and went, and it was lovely. I was able to finish all of my gloves for the ladies in my wedding party and they all turned out fabulous!

Veyla Fingerless Gloves

Heather Perry's Veyla Fingerless Gloves

Hedgerow Mitts

Alyssa Aleman's Hedgerow Mitts

Beaded Fingerless Gloves

Sorral Vasquez's Beaded Fingerless Gloves

Twin Leaf Fingerless Gloves

Clare Stordahl's Twin Leaf Fingerless Gloves

Porphyria Fingerless Mitts

Alli Jacobson's Porphyria Fingerless Mitt

Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers

Bridgette Braswell's Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers

I also finished and wore my Eloping wedding garter.

Wedding Garter

Eloping Wedding Garter

As previously stated, I am making a pair of fingerless gloves for each of the beautiful women that are standing up with Aaron and I for our religious wedding ceremony. Two pairs have been finished:


Fingerless Gloves for Sorral



Fingerless Gloves for Alyssa

The pattern for Sorral’s is Fingerless Garter Mitts from One Skein. The pattern for Alyssa’s is Hedgerow Mitts which is an adaptation of the Hedgerow sock pattern.

I’m now working on Bridgette’s pair, but while getting about half-way through the first mitt, a friend of mine had a very unfortunate thing happen to her. She ended up giving birth at 24 weeks and her son was born weighing only a pound. He is doing well, as well as a preemie fighting for life can be but my friend and her husband devastated. It is the first child for both of them.

So now, all crafting has screeched to a stop so I can make a tiny pair of booties, a tiny hat, and snuggly blanket for little Atticus. The first bootie is done and I’m going to start on the hat right now.

My husband and I are hosting a Festivus party on Jan 1st and I’m using this as my main motivation to get the house in order…finally! I might have moved in here in June but there are still so many boxes everywhere. Our second bedroom is filled with them, and that is the space we set aside to be our creative retreat…me with sewing and knitting, him with writing. Unfortunately, we haven’t even been able to walk in there because of all the boxes!

I’ve been pondering the best way to sort and organize my yarn so that I easily know what I have, or can pull out of my stash for a project, and I’ve settled on those large fabric cubes from Target. I’m currently sorting by brand since I tend to gravitate towards certain yarn makers…Caron Simply Soft, Vanna’s Choice, Rowan, and Knit Picks, to name a few. Then I’ve divided up the random one or two skeins from here and there by weight.

My hubby is then making me shelves so I can store all the cubes together. I’m very excited to get everything in place after feeling so disorganized for so long.