This is one of the few unisex/male patterns from Ysolda and I knew when I first saw it, I’d knit it for my husband. I made it for him for our two year wedding anniversary. I’m not currently able to work, so I feel guilty spending what is “his” hard-earned money on a gift for him. So nothing else to do but knit =) It also helps that he is the MOST knit-worthy person ever. He cherishes everything I make for him!

I chose Lion Brand Amazing in a variegated gray and variegated green (green is his favorite color). I really like how it turned out. The green really pops and the gray is soft enough not to create harsh geometric lines. And it’s very cozy, too! I decided not to make the matching fingerless gloves but I have enough yarn leftover that I could probably pull it off if I had wanted to.

The pattern went quickly but definitely was unique enough to keep my interest the whole time. Overall a great, quick knit!

Cairn Hat