I have had this yarn for over a year, and this pattern has been #1 in my queue for even longer and I am FINALLY casting on today! I think my biggest anxiety, and the reason why I haven’t cast on before now, is the sizing. It jumps from 34″ bust to 38″ bust. Well good thing I’m currently a 36″. But then today, as I was agonizing and agonizing, I realized something. The ribbed button band is worked first and worked flat, therefore making it easy to determine it if will fit right or not. God, I am such a dumbass sometimes!! So here we go!

UPDATE: I started knitting the size 34″ and nope, it’s just not going to work. I mean, I think it would fit, theoretically, but I think it will just be too tight. And that it the WORST with a cardigan. No one needs the self-esteem killer of gapping, pulling buttons on the front of your body! Also, I want to be able to wear a tank or tee under it. So I re-cast-on (yep, that’s a word now) for the 38″ and am happily knitting along.