I managed to slap on some make-up and wrangle my husband in order to get some photos taken (finally!). Without further ado…

Peaks Island Hood

Scroll Lace Scarf

Bella Mittens

Now keep in mind that it’s 80 degrees out now so none of these will be worn for a while but at least they are photographed.

I always seem to do that with my knitting. I knit items for the appropriate season during said season and finish them just as the next season is starting. So they are left to sit for a whole year. Oh well.

I have several “summer” projects in the works. I’m almost finished with my Damson shawl and then I’ll start the infamous Ishbel Shawl. It’s so pretty and I’m using malabrigo lace and yeah…it’s going to be wonderful.  I also just bought some Berooco cotton blend yarn to make a breezy looking top for spring/summer/fall wear (I picked a white/creamy color to go with more things and seasons). So yeah!