I came across Kate Atherley’s Bigger On The Inside pretty much the day it went live on Knitty.com and I thought “WOW, this will be perfect for my Dr. Who obsessed mom for Mother’s Day”. Well, Mother’s Day has come and gone and I’m still working on the damn thing!

My first challenge was finding the right yarn, which was about the only thing that has gone well so far. I found some lovely Ella Rae fingering weight merino at Knitted Together in the perfect shade of blue.

Then I got it home and cast on to start the Time Vortex Lace portion. O.My.God. this pattern falls into that category of so simple that you can quickly memorize it but somehow the designer tweaks it just enough that you can’t just knit it. In this case, it was the addition of increases and decreases every fourth row. Instead of it being intuitive, I had to annoyingly glance at the chart each time to make sure I wasn’t messing anything up. I found this out after completing all 7 24-row repeats only to have lost 2 stitches somewhere along the line. Which meant frogging and starting over. UGH…so incredibly annoying.

Then, when I finally finished all of the lace, I needed to block the damn thing because it was curling so bad.

Time Vortex Lace pre-block

Look at all that curling!

Now I HATE blocking. I hate it when I have to do it when I’m all done knitting. Guess how much I wanted to have to block the thing before I could pick up stitches to continue knitting it? Yeah.

On the plus side, it did block out beautifully and I am happy for that. But now, I am to the point where I get to pick up stitches. I’m normally of the rare breed where I don’t mind picking up stitches, as long as the designer has put any thought into lining up the number of stitches being picked up with the number of rows there are. But lo and behold, this did NOT happen here. There are 401 rows and 311 stitches that need to be picked up. This means that I can’t just pick up a stitch every row or every other row but every 1.2 rows. Lovely.

So right now, it’s sitting on the bed next to me, stitches still waiting to be picked up. I will get this done in time to give to my mom on Thursday, but for right now, I think I need a drink.