This is one of the few unisex/male patterns from Ysolda and I knew when I first saw it, I’d knit it for my husband. I made it for him for our two year wedding anniversary. I’m not currently able to work, so I feel guilty spending what is “his” hard-earned money on a gift for him. So nothing else to do but knit =) It also helps that he is the MOST knit-worthy person ever. He cherishes everything I make for him!

I chose Lion Brand Amazing in a variegated gray and variegated green (green is his favorite color). I really like how it turned out. The green really pops and the gray is soft enough not to create harsh geometric lines. And it’s very cozy, too! I decided not to make the matching fingerless gloves but I have enough yarn leftover that I could probably pull it off if I had wanted to.

The pattern went quickly but definitely was unique enough to keep my interest the whole time. Overall a great, quick knit!

Cairn Hat


This is a really lovely, very easy shawl. I can see why it is so extremely popular on Ravelry. I did it almost completely from memory. It was a wonderful travel, movie-watching kind of knit…something easy to put down and pick up. And in the Malabrigo yarn, it is just yummy. It is soft, cuddly, and has a lovely drape. I can easily see why most people don’t stop at making just one. It is also a perfect project for a beginner knitter and something I will keep in my teaching arsenal.


Damson, folded flat

I have had this yarn for over a year, and this pattern has been #1 in my queue for even longer and I am FINALLY casting on today! I think my biggest anxiety, and the reason why I haven’t cast on before now, is the sizing. It jumps from 34″ bust to 38″ bust. Well good thing I’m currently a 36″. But then today, as I was agonizing and agonizing, I realized something. The ribbed button band is worked first and worked flat, therefore making it easy to determine it if will fit right or not. God, I am such a dumbass sometimes!! So here we go!

UPDATE: I started knitting the size 34″ and nope, it’s just not going to work. I mean, I think it would fit, theoretically, but I think it will just be too tight. And that it the WORST with a cardigan. No one needs the self-esteem killer of gapping, pulling buttons on the front of your body! Also, I want to be able to wear a tank or tee under it. So I re-cast-on (yep, that’s a word now) for the 38″ and am happily knitting along.

I’m not going to lie, I started these bad boys in September of 2011 and I just finished them tonight (May 28, 2012). They sat on my bookshelf with the 2nd legwarmer started, for like 7 months. I got so sick and tired of seeing that WIP on my Ravelry page, staring up at me. It’s like it was mocking me. So I decided these needed to get done.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in an earlier post but I’m suffering from Mystery Disease. I’m having crazy upper abdominal pain, vomiting, and extreme fatigue (like I am exhausted walking to the fridge for a glass of water). I’ve never experienced anything like this before and the doctors still don’t know what is causing it. I’ve gone through a battery of tests, x-rays, and a freaking scope and still there’s no clear cause. It’s like if there’s a blood test that checks for the presence of two enzymes, I’ll only come back showing one. So they can’t rule that out but it’s not clearly that one thing. It’s so freaking frustrating. And I’ll can do is take these pain meds that don’t even make me feel fun and floaty, they just make my brain fuzzy, and the anti-nausea meds they give to chemo patients. And I will still throw up. Awesome. Long story short: UGH FML!

I had a particularly bad time of it this weekend. So when I wasn’t vomiting or sleeping, I needed to do some knitting to calm and center myself and take my mind off things. I picked this back up and decided I was going to finish it. And it was the perfect project. I already have it memorized and it’s easy to set it down, take a nap, and pick it back up. So yeah. Legwarmers! Now I get to put them away until fall/winter.

I managed to slap on some make-up and wrangle my husband in order to get some photos taken (finally!). Without further ado…

Peaks Island Hood

Scroll Lace Scarf

Bella Mittens

Now keep in mind that it’s 80 degrees out now so none of these will be worn for a while but at least they are photographed.

I always seem to do that with my knitting. I knit items for the appropriate season during said season and finish them just as the next season is starting. So they are left to sit for a whole year. Oh well.

I have several “summer” projects in the works. I’m almost finished with my Damson shawl and then I’ll start the infamous Ishbel Shawl. It’s so pretty and I’m using malabrigo lace and yeah…it’s going to be wonderful.  I also just bought some Berooco cotton blend yarn to make a breezy looking top for spring/summer/fall wear (I picked a white/creamy color to go with more things and seasons). So yeah!

I’ve been incredibly sick lately. Like weekly trips to the doctor, trips to the hospital, crazy testing type of sick. So needless to say, I got behind on my knitting. BUT I did finish my gifts for Mother’s Day and got some photos of them before handing them off to my mother and mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law’s shawlette is just lovely. It’s the beautiful yellow Golden Glow that Knit Picks *just* discontinued (why God why would you do that?) that I used to make the gloves for my bridesmaid, Bridgette. It is the perfect color of summer sunshine and it makes me happy just to look at it. My mother-in-law is the sweetest lady EVER and is dealing with MS and could use something to keep her smiling. I was just so pleased with how it turned out!

Gratitude Shawlette

Gratitude Shawlette back

Gratitude Shawlette close-up



My mom’s shawl was a different story (see previous post). Oh my god, I HATED every second of knitting this thing. I even cut the ribbing to 1″ instead of 2″ because I wanted to be done with the damn thing! That being said, it turned out awesome. I love it. The yarn is so soft and drapey and the perfect color and the lace with the TARDIS with the ribbing…it’s just wonderful together. But I will NEVER make this again!

Bigger On The Inside Shawl

Look how long this sucker is!


I came across Kate Atherley’s Bigger On The Inside pretty much the day it went live on and I thought “WOW, this will be perfect for my Dr. Who obsessed mom for Mother’s Day”. Well, Mother’s Day has come and gone and I’m still working on the damn thing!

My first challenge was finding the right yarn, which was about the only thing that has gone well so far. I found some lovely Ella Rae fingering weight merino at Knitted Together in the perfect shade of blue.

Then I got it home and cast on to start the Time Vortex Lace portion. O.My.God. this pattern falls into that category of so simple that you can quickly memorize it but somehow the designer tweaks it just enough that you can’t just knit it. In this case, it was the addition of increases and decreases every fourth row. Instead of it being intuitive, I had to annoyingly glance at the chart each time to make sure I wasn’t messing anything up. I found this out after completing all 7 24-row repeats only to have lost 2 stitches somewhere along the line. Which meant frogging and starting over. UGH…so incredibly annoying.

Then, when I finally finished all of the lace, I needed to block the damn thing because it was curling so bad.

Time Vortex Lace pre-block

Look at all that curling!

Now I HATE blocking. I hate it when I have to do it when I’m all done knitting. Guess how much I wanted to have to block the thing before I could pick up stitches to continue knitting it? Yeah.

On the plus side, it did block out beautifully and I am happy for that. But now, I am to the point where I get to pick up stitches. I’m normally of the rare breed where I don’t mind picking up stitches, as long as the designer has put any thought into lining up the number of stitches being picked up with the number of rows there are. But lo and behold, this did NOT happen here. There are 401 rows and 311 stitches that need to be picked up. This means that I can’t just pick up a stitch every row or every other row but every 1.2 rows. Lovely.

So right now, it’s sitting on the bed next to me, stitches still waiting to be picked up. I will get this done in time to give to my mom on Thursday, but for right now, I think I need a drink.

While I completed the knitting of my Peaks Island Hood and my Scroll Lace Scarf a while ago, I just now got around to blocking them. I’m awful when it comes to taking the time to block and a lot of times, I don’t do it *gasp*…just like I hardly ever swatch *double gasp*. But these items are both 100% wool so I figured I’d better do it. Plus they’ve been sitting around my home getting dirty with pet hair and what not so it’s probably a good idea to wash them.

Scroll Lace Scarf

Scroll Lace Scarf -- blocking

Peaks Island Hood -- blocking

Peaks Island Hood -- blocking

See, proof that they both got blocked!

I also knitted a lil’ baby sweater for my lil’ derby sister, Monica. She’s suffering from that damn 9 month injury and I needed to make something extra special to cheer her up. So what better than the Mini Moustache Sweater in Mo’s favorite color (and mine) pink.

Mini Mustache Sweater

Mini Mustache Sweater

I really enjoyed the yarn for this (Filatura Di Crosa Zara DK) and it is supposed to be washer and dryer friendly, so perfect for a baby. It’s really soft and knits up nicely. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. The only thing I don’t like about it, is the intarsia in the round. It NEVER works! So while it’s picture-perfect in the front, I have all these floats along the back. Such a bummer. I’m going to wash it and see if it improves any. If not, I’m cutting the floats and just weaving in all the ends. If I were to do it again, I’d knit the sweater plain and do duplicate stitch embroidery on the front.

I also have two new works-in-progress: Damson Shawl/Kerchief (I will be wearing it as a kerchief) by Ysolda, and the Dragon Scarf from Piecework magazine. I’m pretty close to being finished with Damson, which is good because I can’t wait to wear it, and I just started the Dragon Scarf. I splurged BIG TIME on the yarn for that (Filatura di Crosa’s Golden Line Superior which is 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino). I’ve never, ever knit with such amazing yarn before, so even though it’s a slow-going lace pattern on size 3 needles, I’m enjoying just touching the yarn. Here’s sneak peek at it:

Dragon Scarf

Dragon Scarf

I finished knitting my Peaks Island Hood tonight and I love it. I need to sew in the ends, block, and sew on the buttons, and it will be complete. The wool is a little scratchy so I’m hoping it will soften after it’s washed. It’s pretty fantastic though and wonderfully warm. It has such a rustic feel but yet glamorous too…such a great contradiction for a knitted piece. It’s forecasted to be stormy this weekend and would be perfect for some finished shots!

Wow, I am flying through this. I finished my 28″ of seed stitch and am ready to start the hood. It’s turning out beautifully!

Peaks Island Hood

Peaks Island Hood